DEXGame: Next-gen Metaverse for Gaming Ecosystem

DEXGame is designed to bring together the core components of the game ecosystem's value chain on its metaverse platform by combining the following two models;

● sharing economy with blockchain-based decentralized finance system,
● experience economy based on personalization and collaboration.

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DEXGame Metaverse is divided into two main regions: DEXPARK and DEXPO. DEXPARK is designed for gamers and investors and built and managed by DEXGame, it includes the Game Zone & Arena, Gamer-Team Tokens Exchange, NFT Gallery and IDO Platform. DEXPO is an open-world region that hosts game developers, digital artists, software and hardware brands in the gaming industry, game equipment vendors and investment organizations (VC, Business Angel Network etc). The technological infrastructure is provided by DEXGame and the construction will be managed by the users. DEXPO will bring together all stakeholders and components in the game ecosystem e.g. Game Studios, Game Houses, IDO Platform, Investment Centers, Game Equipment and Computer Hardware Stores.

DEXGame will bring gamers, artists, entrepreneurs and investors together by realizing DEXPARK, which it built and managed in the short and medium term. In the long term, DEXPO will become a collective game world and increases the interaction between these stakeholders as the meeting point of all stakeholders in the game world.

With this structure, DEXGame presents a "social playground" that enables users and stakeholders in the virtual world to interact with each other. Thanks to the blockchain-based decentralized finance model and the financial currency DXGM token, the DEXGame team developped a decentralized and unstoppable platform, managed by the community, with its own currency and its own ecosystem, contributing to the game ecosystem.

Virtual World for Gaming Ecosystem

In the DEXGame Metaverse, products include various revenue models for each type of user, as well as shopping and investment mechanisms for users to spend their revenue. All components in the DEXGame Metaverse were brought forward as a result of a detailed analysis of the game world. In the virtual metaverse created by DEXGame, there are many elements such as financial resources needed in the real world, product and service buying and selling mechanisms, entrepreneurship and investment tools. This is the biggest indicator of the tight bond between the DEXGame metaverse and the real world thanks to DEXPARK and DEXPO.

DEXPARK, the starting point of the DEXGame Metaverse, will bring together gamers, investors, artists and cryptocurrency-based game entrepreneurs. DEXPO will enable different types of users to participate in the DEXGame Metaverse , with the open-world metaverse region that will be built and managed by users such as game developers, brands, organizations. The variety of use scenarios and user experiences will increase accordingly. In line with the the roadmap of the DEXGame project, the prominent user experiences in the DEXGame Metaverse, which will develop gradually in the process, are as follows.

  • 1. Socialisation and Collaboration
  • 2. Creating Success Stories
  • 3. Creating Collections of Digital Assets
  • 4. Increasing Sales
  • 5. Conducting Marketing Activations
  • 6. Setting off to a Game Developing Adventure
  • 7. Other Experiences and Other Events

In this context, DEXGame offers the following products in DEXPARK;

  • ● Game Zone & Arena
  • ● IDO Center
  • ● Gamer-Team Token Exchange
  • ● NFT Gallery

A Centre of Competition and Excitement in DEXPARK:

Gamers and teams can generate revenue by playing individually or together in the Game Zone & Arena in DEXPARK. Game Zone & Arena in DEXPark is a platform that can host all kinds of PC gamers thanks to its Game Staking and Play2Earn models. Individual gamers will have the opportunity to increase their revenue with the “Game Staking” model introduced by DEXGame for the first time worldwide. Gamers who play games against each other will be able to generate revenue while playing games with the Play2Earn structure of the platform, especially by duelling each other in popular PC games, or by simply participating in tournaments organized by DEXGame or by the users themselves.

Origin of Cryptocurrency-Based Start-ups in DEXPARK:

Investors, gamers, e-sports teams, game developers and artists come together at DEXPARK. Thanks to the blockchain-based decentralized finance system offered by DEXGame, investors who will be able to realize their investments safely and quickly will be able to closely follow the innovative blockchain projects listed on the IDO Platform and the game development teams in Game Studios Valley.

The Opportunity to Create a Success Story in DEXPARK:

Investors who want to evaluate their investments in the field of e-sports, they will be able to invest in gamers or teams that create tokens on the Gamer-Team Token Exchange. Gamers and teams can issue their own tokens and list them to be traded on the exchange. Individual gamers or teams can increase the value of their assets by attracting platform investors to their own tokens based on their abilities. Investors can invest in the customized gamer tokens or team tokens by using the DXGM token.

Gateway To The World for Talent in DEXPARK:

Gamers can create NFT's of the trophies and awards they won in the games they play or the best moments during the game and sell them in the NFT gallery in DEXPARK. DEXPARK aims to provide a different experience for NFT sales. The presence of NFTs, which are sold similarly to traditional e-commerce sites, in galleries or events in the DEXPARK metaverse brings innovations both in terms of presentation and communication with the artist. With DEXPARK, NFTs will be showcased as well as traded. Artists will thus gain visibility into different collaborations while profiting from NFT sales. Infrastructure will be provided for the use of NFTs in developed games, especially by game developers in the DEXGame Metaverse.

Journey Map

Building The Gaming Metaverse with Step by Step

DEXGame aims to build a virtual world on solid foundations with the right concept. DEXGame will raise the components in the "Seven Layers of Metaverse" layers from lower levels to higher levels over time. In this way, a simple and usable metaverse will be constructed at an early stage. It is aimed to complete the construction of the metaverse by increasing user adaptation with correct feedback. DEXGame, which attaches importance to ease-of-use and fast access, will constantly optimize its metaverse by prototyping the promised components and the products and services of these components, with simultaneous market validation studies. With the advancements in the technology it has developed, DEXGame Metaverse will become a completely decentralized virtual world that can be integrated with different hardware, which can be freely built and managed, and which will allow for various experiences. Finally, DEXGame Metaverse will be a social playground that includes the financial dynamics of the world of gaming, in which the content is produced by users in areas except for DEXPARK region. As a result; DEXGame will first open the DEXPARK region and then DEXPO to the users in order to achieve this purpose consistent and sustainable way.

DEXPARK first. Then DEXPO!

Next Milestones for DEXGame Products

Game Zone and Arena - Beta

IDO Center -

Building The Gaming Metaverse with Step by Step

  • 2021 Q2

    Publication of the Project

  • 2021 Q3


  • 2021 Q3

    Seed Sale

  • 2021 Q3

    Private Sale

  • 2021 Q4

    Creation of the DXGM Token

  • 2021 Q4

    Public Sale

  • 2021 Q4

    First Exchange Listing

  • 2022 Q2

    IDO Center - Beta Version

  • 2022 Q2

    Launch of DEXPARK

  • 2022 Q2

    Game Zone (Arena) - Beta Version

  • 2022 Q2

    IDO Center - Full Version

  • 2022 Q4

    Game Region (Arena) - Full Version

  • 2023 Q1

    NFT Gallery - Beta Version

  • 2023 Q1

    Gamer & Team Token Exchange - Beta Version

  • 2023 Q3

    NFT Gallery - Full Version

  • 2023 Q3

    Gamer & Team Tokens Exchange - Full Version

  • 2024 Q2

    DEXGame Blockchain Network Testnet

  • 2024 Q4

    DEXGame Blockchain Network Mainnet

  • 2025 Q2

    -Release of DEXPO Regions Constructed and Managed-by DEXGame (DEXPO - Beta Version)

  • 2025 Q3

    -Opening Constructible and Manageable Regions for Game Developers, E-Sports Teams, Investment and Financial Institutions at DEXPO

  • 2026 Q2

    -Game Zone (Arena) - Game Staking, Duels and Tournaments for Mobile and Console Games

  • 2026 Q2

    -Opening Constructible and Manageable Regions for All Users in DEXPO

Core Team


Chief Executive Officer

Burakcan KARAMAN

Chief Business Officer


Chief Operations Officer

Ömer Faruk DEMİRAL

Lead Developer


Blockchain Developer

Abdulkerim YILDIZ

Full Stack Developer

İbrahim GÜZEL

Full Stack Developer

Mehmet KOÇ

Frontend Developer

R.Taha BAŞ

Frontend Developer


Game Developer


Jr. Game Developer


Marketing Specialist




Sascha Komaromy

Gaming Community Advisor

Frederic Meyer-Scharenberg

Blockchain Community Advisor

Evelia Gadegbeku

Gaming Community Advisor

Cihan Kükmen

Business Development Advisor

Murat Atasever

Finance & Compliance Advisor

Serra Saygılı



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Experience and Sharing Economy with DXGM

The decentralized finance system in DEXGame Metaverse is built on two pillars: The experience economy and the sharing economy. Each financial interaction in the DEXGame Metaverse provides additional income to all users (gamers, developers, artists, etc.) who have contributed to the interaction, especially the DXGM Token investor. This is the basic structure of the sharing economy.

In the DEXGame Metaverse, where the emphasis on personalized world and experience stands out, the issue of belonging is very important. User habits and market needs, analyzed in detail by DEXGame, form the building blocks of the experience economy built for the DEXGame Metaverse.

Locations, gamer and team tokens, game developer & artist NFT's, etc. it takes advantage of blockchain technology to determine the ownership of all assets in the metaverse and to promote the trade of these assets.

For these reasons the DXGM token is the most important part of the DEXGame Metaverse. The decentralized finance model of components in this virtual world created by DEXGame works only with DXGM tokens. The DXGM token is generated as an ERC20 utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Trading of products, services and currencies on DEXGame Metaverse will enable economic interaction. DEXGame runs its decentralized finance system on the Skale Blockchain Network on smart contracts with ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 standards for this trade to continue autonomously. DEXGame brings a number of advantages using the Skale Blockchain Network.

The DEXGame team has created the necessary technological infrastructure for this entire economic cycle to take place in a fast, reliable and transparent manner.

Token Economics

A Centre of Competition and Excitement in DEXPARK:

GPLEX is a blockchain-based Play2Earn platform for gamers and game developers.

Gamers of different skill levels can duel and participate in tournaments thanks to GPLEX in popular online games played on PC. Thus, DEXGame allows gamers who participate in duels and tournaments individually or as a team to earn money.

Unlike ordinary Play2Earn platforms, DEXGame is a platform designed for all skill levels and different types of gamers. In addition to Duels and Tournaments, Staking Challenges, an innovative model it offers to host all gamers, has taken the concept of competition in the blockchain-based Play2Earn platforms from the beginning. Thanks to Staking Challanges, DEXGame opens its doors to all gamers, not just competitive games and gamers.

Gamers stake a certain amount of DXGM tokens into various Game Staking programs for popular PC games offered by the DEXGame team on Dimple Zone & Arena to realize certain achievements. If gamers earn achievements, the amount of DXGM they have increases depending on the staking program they choose.

GPLEX will be the new meeting point for game developers with the SDKs that it will soon offer for game developers who develop games for the PC environment.

DEXGame, which builds and runs the sharing economy for each component in different roles in the gaming world; thanks to the games developed by game developers for Game Zone & Arena, makes them one of the most important parts of the ecosystem. As PC games offered by game developers are played by gamers on the platform, game developers earn DXGM tokens.


Origin of Cryptocurrency-Based Start-ups in DEXPARK:

Thanks to the blockchain-based, decentralized finance system offered by DEXGame, investors will be able to make their investments in IDO Center safely and quickly. DEXGame's main vision for the IDO Center; is to fund the seed stage funding of high-end blockchain-based projects that are promising in the field of gaming. Entrepreneurs and innovators who develop products or services for any component of the gaming ecosystem have the chance to access the financial resources they need thanks to the IDO Center; they will be able to receive support from DEXGame's partners in many different areas and be a solution partner. The ecosystem created by DEXGame Metaverse; allows IDO Center to have a more dynamic audience compared to other platforms. In addition to these, DEXGame-IDO Center will be a frequent destination for investors with its innovative staking and rewarding models.

Enter Ido Platform

The Opportunity to Create a Success Story in DEXPARK:

One of the things that DEXGame places at the center of its structure surrounding the gaming ecosystem are e-sports. Based on this vision, DEXGame, just like other products; aims to contribute to e-sports with verified innovative models.

DEXGame provides increased awareness of gamers and teams and facilitated their access to financial resources in order to contribute to the professionalization of amateur e-sports gamers. That's why DEXGame offers a helpful tool for gamers planning a career in e-sports: the Gamer and Team Tokens Exchange.

Gamers and teams playing on the DEXGame platform can create their own DXGM-based customized tokens on the Gamer and Team Token Exchange whenever they wish. The value of these tokens they create is not determined solely by the trading mechanisms. Some calculations based on the achievements of gamers and teams are directly reflected in the value of the token.

Thus, gamers and teams who want to raise financial resources on the way to professional e-sports will have an inclusive tool that can achieve these goals by demonstrating their talent by creating their own tokens. Gamers and teams not only increase their awareness thanks to their earnings and achievements, but also reach the financial resources they need faster.

Investors, on the other hand, invest in DXGM tokens for the tokens customized by teams or gamers. In order to trade on the Gamer and Team Tokens Exchange, it will be sufficient for users to use their wallets on the account they have registered.

The Gamer and Team Token Exchange uses an Automated Market Makers model for exchange trading. This means that digital assets can be traded on the Gamer and Team Token Exchange, without using an order book. Instead of the order book, a liquidity pool is traded. Transaction pools are created with the funds of users who are members of the platform. Users who deposit their funds into the pool receive liquidity provider tokens in return. On the Gamer and Team Token Exchange, tokens can be traded or added liquidity to earn additional income.

In order to avoid any violation of rights and material damage in the Gamer and Team Tokens Exchange, a two-stage authorization system managed by smart contracts has been built by DEXGame.

Open-World Metaverse for Everybody:



DEXGame aims to host all stakeholders in the gaming industry on the lands included in DEXPO. DEXGame, which has implemented DEXPARK in order to realize this goal, offers a technological infrastructure and an advanced user base for users, brands and organizations that will take part in DEXPO. In this context, it is among the primary objectives of DEXGame to attract Investment Institutions, Game Studios, Game Houses, Game Equipment and Computer Hardware Stores to this region for the growth of the DEXPO region.

To give an use case; brands in the field of technology and services for the gaming industry, companies and organizations selling gaming equipment and hardware will have the opportunity to sell directly to everyone who visits DEXPO, especially gamers and game developers, in their stores located in DEXPO.

For another use case; DEXPO, with its decentralized finance approach, will serve as a bridge between game developer and investor. DEXPO will serve as a platform that will make a serious contribution to the rapid entry of games produced on open source game development platforms and those who want to independently publish their own games. Game developers will have the opportunity to present the games they have developed to the gamers and teams in the Arena, so that they will directly generate revenue in the sharing economy built by DEXGame. In addition, they will take an important step towards branding by opening a virtual game studio for them/their teams in the Game Studios Valley in the DEXPO created by DEXGame.